If you want to switch to using Paypal, please fill in our Customer Support Form.  

Please follow these steps to update your payment method:

1. Log into your Illumicrate.com (for UK/Rest of the World subscriptions) or US.Illumicrate.com (for US/Canada subscriptions) account

To update payment method within your account:

2. Across the top is a menu bar, and one of the options is 'payment methods'. Click that, and you will then be able to add and delete payment methods.

If you're changing your payment method for a subscription, you will need to make sure that the correct payment method is saved to the subscription as well. 

On the menu bar, select 'Subscriptions' - this will take you to your Recharge portal (our subscription platform)

3. Once there, select the 'Payment Methods' option on the menu and click the 'add new payment method' button

4. Once you have added the card, select the 'Shipping addresses' option and ensure the payment method is updated for the address associated with your subscription.

5. Once that is updated, select 'Subscriptions' and ensure the new payment method has been updated for your subscription.

Please note, you do need to update your payment method within the subscription section for it to apply to your subscription. Adding a payment method within your general illumicrate.com account will not apply to your subscription/s.

If you need further help, please fill in our Customer Support Form.