If a special edition book or box does not sell out prior to the initial shipping date, it will remain for sale in our shopIf they do sell out during the pre-order window (before the initial shipping date), we will wait at least three months to resolve any orders that were damaged or lost in transit. Once an appropriate period has passed for these to be resolved, we will assess the remaining stock and may put the remainder up for sale.

If you can't find a past special edition in our shop, it means we currently don't have the stock available - sorry for any disappointment.

We also sometimes sell the books or full boxes from our monthly box and book subscriptions in our shop, you can find these in the Past Boxes section. If you are based in the US or Canada, you can purchase Illumicrate past boxes from our US website.

While we don't regularly sell individual items, very occasionally we do have sales of individual items we have left over. These sales will usually be announced on our social media so keep your eyes peeled!

Please note: If a past box is listed in the shop with a password on it, this is currently sold out to the general public. We have likely listed a small amount to offer to the next waitlist customers and/or to resolve a renewal issue. Previous monthly Illumicrate, Afterlight and Evernight boxes will not be available to purchase on general sale until we have finalised all stock from replacements and damages.