The books we include will usually be the UK edition of books and exclusive to Illumicrate where possible. We aim to offer an exclusive finishes for each book, such as sprayed or digital edges, foiling and endpapers or a completely different cover. We include books of all genres (primarily fantasy and science fiction), generally aimed towards an adult or crossover readership. Each of our theme reveals contains content warnings for the book to help customers choose books they know they will love!

Our book choices reflect the world we live in and our customer base; we support marginalised authors where possible and strive to feature UK-based authors as much as we can. We know our customers appreciate our diverse choices, and we are always keen to support debut authors also.

We only include newly released books released a maximum of 45 days prior to the shipping date so the chances of our subscribers already owning the book will be as slim as possible. Sometimes, we are also able to ship the books ahead of the release date.

Check out our Past Boxes section for an example of what to expect!