Please note that due to the way our subscription platform works, updating your address will undo any skips you've made. Please ensure you check and re-skip if needed, and contact our support team if you need further help.

Follow these steps to update your shipping address for your subscription:

1. Log into your (for UK/Rest of the World subscriptions and all Afterlight and Evernight subscriptions) or (for US/Canada Illumicrate subscriptions) account.

2. From there, select 'Subscriptions' - this will take you to your Recharge portal (our subscription platform).

3. Select the 'Shipping addresses' option on the top menu and click the 'edit shipping address' button.

4. Delete the existing shipping address, enter the new shipping address, and then press the black 'edit shipping address' button at the bottom.

5. Once that is updated, select the 'Subscriptions' option on the top menu and ensure the new shipping address has been updated for your subscription. Please also double check the 'next order' date is correct - if not, please contact support to get this adjusted.

Please note, that updating your address within your subscription will not update any months that have already been paid for. 

To update your shipping address for any orders that have already been paid, please fill out our Customer Support form and we can do that for you!