Presales are early access sales held before a product goes to general sale. These sales are exclusively for those who meet the eligibility criteria, and the listing will be password protected. 

The week before the sale, those eligible will be emailed instructions about the presale including the date and time of the sale.

On the day of presale, those eligible will be emailed the password and a link to order. These emails go out in batches and some email servers may take longer to receive the email than others. Please wait until the time listed on the presale information email before getting in touch to say you do not have the password.

Please do not share the password with anyone else. Any duplicate purchases or ineligible purchases will be cancelled and refunded before general sale begins. Please do order using the email address you have a subscription under, or have made previous purchases under. If you have issues, please email Customer Support as soon as possible, so we can try and resolve these before presale ends. 

Presale access is granted at our discretion and can be withdrawn at any time. Please note that if you have recently subscribed, you will not be eligible for any presales currently taking place or starting within the next 48 hours.