Presale eligibility varies depending on the type of presale it is; however, the standard eligibility is active subscribers of the genre of the product. If you skip a month and you still have an active subscription, you are still eligible for presales. To clarify what counts as an active subscriber, check out our FAQ article here.

For example:

  • Illumicrate monthly subscribers are eligible for Illumicrate Exclusives, Collections and Archives. 
  • Afterlight monthly subscribers are eligible for Afterlight Exclusives. 
  • Evernight quarterly subscribers are eligible for Evernight Exclusives.

If the product is part of a series, previous purchasers of any other book in the series will also be eligible regardless of their subscription status. This is only valid if it is stated in the product announcement that previous purchasers are eligible. 

Presale access is granted at our discretion and can be withdrawn at any time.